SwitchMind - A project of the Kulturbrücke Hamburg e. V. (Bridge of Culture).

Motivation, participation and orientation

In Hamburg there are currently 22 initial reception facilities and over 100 follow-up accommodations for refugees *. More than 29,000 * women, girls, boys and men of different origins live here in a small space for up to two years or more. The remote location and size of some accommodations represent a major obstacle to integration into Hamburgs society.


The spatial exclusion leads to stigmatization and isolation. At the same time, the residents hardly have any opportunities to interact with the living environment into which they should once smoothly integrate according to democratic values.


The Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V. (Bridge of Culture) would like to intervene here. SwitchMind is a concept that aims to address the refugees directly and immediately, to motivate them, and to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere between the home management and residents.

Our central goal is to make the fundamental principles of democratic rights and the associated duties easy to experience and to experience in a very practical way and to transfer them directly to the experience of the workshop participants wherever possible.


Refugees are given knowledge at eye level, which should facilitate orientation and enable independence and participation in Germany.


* As of July 2017; Source: BASFI, Hamburg Integration Concept 2017


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As a non-profit association, we depend on donations and grants to finance our workshops.

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Get involved on a voluntary basis

We are looking for motivators to make the refugees mentally more active in their initial establishment in Hamburg to take part in the integration workshops! In addition to German and English, Arabic & Persian (including Farsi, Dari, Kurdish,) language skills are perfect to help.


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SwitchMind -

Ein Projekt der Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V.