The SwitchMind projects aims to convey the democratic  rights and cultural values of society in Germany tu refugee women, girls, boys and men in an understandable way. This is done by promoting tolerance an appreciative cooperation at eye level. 


The core of the SwitchMind project is an open interactive workshop in which the participants can be introduced to the topics in a creative and playful way and in dialogue. The implementation of the workshops by people with their own migration history gives us authenticity.


The workshop topics include issues relevant to everyday life, and they offer the opportonity to address everyday problems, worries, wishes and needs of people. Together we will find their causes and show how arriving in the new living enviroment can succed.


in the short term: to gain a better understanding of the German values.


in the medium term:  to build skills for a successful everyday life.


in the long term: to be successfully integrated into society.


These goals support the refugees' self-development and opportunities to participate in order to find their way in the new society and to live a life here.



The workshops are held in the refugee accommodation. With this, SwitchMind deliberately focuses on preparatory integration and reaches as many people as possible in a place that is very isolating and where there is a lot of need to talk.



Since July 2017, as part of the pilot project financed by the Integration Fund of the Hamburg Citizenship, 41 appointments have already been made in 21 accommodations. A total of 1230 participants have already been reached.  


Since January 2018 we depend on donations for continuing the workshops.



The project sees itself as an accompanying offer to state-sponsored or voluntary language and integration offers for people in the initial reception centers and other collective accommodation for refugees.

SwitchMind -

Ein Projekt der Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V.